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What type of risk-taker are you?

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Are you more the adventurer or the guardian when it comes to risk-taking?

I'm concurrently designing learning opportunities around Risk and seeing how it plays out in real-life with the teams I work with and in.

This morning I snapped this shot of a large wave about to crash over the walkway. The woman closest to the wave seems completely unfazed while the guy in the fluro top is happy to watch what unfolds...from a distance :)

It got me thinking about the learning we're designing around "risk personalities" and how different people approach and manage risks...

Which one are you?


1. **The Adventurer:**

  ✋ **Approach to Risk-Taking:** The adventurer thrives on excitement and novelty. They are often the first to embrace new opportunities, even if they come with a high level of uncertainty. The adventurer sees risk as a chance for growth and is willing to take bold steps to achieve their goals.

  - **Risk Management Style:** The adventurer may manage risk by staying informed and adaptable. They embrace change, quickly adjust strategies based on new information, and learn from both successes and failures.


2. **The Analyst:**

  ✋**Approach to Risk-Taking:** The analyst is meticulous and thorough in evaluating risks. They conduct in-depth analyses, gather data, and carefully consider potential outcomes before making decisions. The analyst is more cautious and prefers a well-reasoned approach to risk.

  - **Risk Management Style:** The analyst manages risk by minimizing uncertainties through thorough research and planning. They may use risk mitigation strategies such as insurance, contingency plans, and comprehensive risk assessments.


3. **The Strategist:**

  ✋ **Approach to Risk-Taking:** The strategist is a calculated risk-taker who weighs potential gains against potential losses. They are adept at seeing the bigger picture and making strategic decisions that align with overarching goals. The strategist may take risks that align with a long-term vision.

  - **Risk Management Style:** The strategist manages risk by aligning it with organizational objectives. They diversify investments, create risk-aware cultures, and often leverage technology and data to inform decisions.


4. **The Guardian:**

  ✋ **Approach to Risk-Taking:** The guardian is risk-averse and values stability and security. They prefer to avoid unnecessary risks and focus on preserving what is already in place. The guardian may be hesitant to embrace change that could disrupt established routines.

  - **Risk Management Style:** The guardian manages risk by prioritizing safety and stability. They often implement conservative risk management strategies, such as maintaining robust compliance measures, insurance coverage, and stringent safety protocols.


5. **The Entrepreneur:**

  ✋ **Approach to Risk-Taking:** The entrepreneur sees risk as an inherent part of innovation and growth. They are willing to take calculated risks to capitalize on opportunities. The entrepreneur embraces uncertainty as a driver of creativity and market disruption.

  - **Risk Management Style:** The entrepreneur manages risk through a combination of calculated decision-making, adaptability, and resilience. They may focus on rapid prototyping, staying agile, and maintaining a keen awareness of market trends.


I'm definitely more the Strategist but that could change depending on the situation, environment and people.

In a team I think it's important to have a mix of "risk personalities" that keep your work and business moving forward but with awareness and care.

If you're keen on exploring ways to get your team talking more about risk (identifying, taking and managing), start by connecting them with the different personalities above and ask which one they relate with most.