How are you supporting culture transformation?

Now more than ever organisations are expecting more for less.  They want results, return on investments and to leverage what they already have.  If you've been asked to deliver all of this and more we're here to support you and make sure you look like the bloody superstar that we know you are.  Hover over what interests you below to find out more or get in touch.

Culture Strategy

Have you currently got a culture or people strategy that is actually strategic? How are you proving that you're 'improving' the team or organisations culture? Need a solid actionable plan that focuses on seeing your engagement rates rise? We can help. Let's get strategising!

Culture Enhancement

An unhealthy culture can derail a strategy faster than the Wellington wind can ruin your best hair do. Our slightly unconventional method focuses on using feedback, communication and edutainment in a way that enhances engagement and fosters a more dynamic culture.

Team Culture & Development

Whether it's workshops, coaching, team toolkits, team building....we have the most incredible array of experts that can support you in enhancing the culture and keeping the team humming.

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Results Speak Volumes

Yes, we've worked with some major local and global brands, government departments and educational institutions but talking about it is one thing, showing the results is another...

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Increased workplace culture and engagement score 2-3% every year over the past 3 years.
Achieved through incorporating feedback and insights gathered from all staff and through supporting their leadership team with guidance and recommendations on where and how to take action.
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Increased employee participation by 32%
Developing a friendly, chatty digital character that you could talk to via text, drove up participation rates with employees, who also felt more comfortable giving more personal, thoughtful ideas when staff feedback was asked for.

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Developed strategic approach, including restructuring and recruiting.  Supported team to implement new processes and systems.  Helping this social impact charity go from matching around 12 families a year to over 135 matches in a year.

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Increased the reputation and brand score for the Capability & Learning team for an Insurance Industry heavy weight. Done through embedding human centred design practices and agile ways of working, along with strong business partnering skills.
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Supported the rapid growth of learning products in global markets, for a kiwi agency. Achieved through designing and implementing a strategic plan.
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Helped a global fitness brand go from leadership development for 6 people to making it accessible to 500+ people around the globe.  Utilising the systems and strengths that their people already possessed to keep the program highly sustainable.

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Difference makes the difference

We've always been a team of individuals that did 'it' differently.  We've challenged, pushed boundaries, insisted on measures and bought in science and facts and.... we've always felt the most important voice was that of the people who you're trying to help (be that employees, learners, customers, or all three).
You can't bring about change and transformation by deciding 'brave' is moving from dark grey to light grey!  Changing, being seen as outstanding and value adding requires doing it differently.  Let us support you in making it happen!

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