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Are you focused on the problem or the solution?

Getting people more positive about change relies on how you frame up the situation.

Positive Discovery Blog

When organisations say to us they want to go from A to B, the change journey between these two points can be hard to navigate and harder to achieve when you focus solely on the problem at hand.  This is what we see time and time again when organisations focus solely on what is wrong, broken or negative. 
Most of the issues, behaviours, norms, practices, processes that sit in these categories of wrong, broken or negative are not deal breakers.  What I mean by this is that they don't stop your business from operating, they might slow things down or present some kind of a risk or not help the bottom line but they aren't things that shut your business down.  So while you want to nut out what's going on, running at the problem with a mindset to address it as a problem, is the first mistake leaders make.
What if you viewed the problem as an opportunity?  Could you turn around the description of the problem so that it is described as an opportunity?
If you could grasp that opportunity and make it a reality, you'd be onto a winning change for your business.   You see it turns out that while we are fascinated by the negative, our brains work better when contemplating a positive change.  When we think of strengths, opportunities and ideas while in a positive frame of mind, the good and even great ideas come to us more easily. 
This is what our positive discovery sessions do, they put everyone in the room in a positive state so they can develop the opportunities your business needs to thrive. 
If you think your people have the solutions then you are right, they most certainly do.
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