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Discover your strengths

Whakamahia o kaha - use your strengths to discover greatness

Find out where your strengths lie

Knowing our Strengths is helpful and increases our resilience, reducing stress and making goals easier to achieve. Our strengths are the things we are good at and come easily to us. We tend to use them well, we are energised by them and use them often. When you are optimally using strengths it is sometimes described as being in the ‘zone’. Research shows only about a third of people know their strengths and of this third, quite a few get it wrong. 

Personal Strengths

Personal Strengths

Gain clarity around what your strengths truly are through our individualised profile and one-to-one debrief and consultation. We talk through with you where your strengths and passions lie and maybe even uncover some unknown superpowers.

Enhance your confidence and focus on what you’re passionate about, through our Next Steps plan that encourages you to use your strengths now and in the future.

Team Strengths

Team Strengths

Personalise the experience while bringing everyone together.

Give each member of your team clarity around what their strengths truly are through our individualised profile assessments.

Combine forces with your strengths – as a team we take you through a session where we bring each persons strengths to light and together build a Team Strengths profile that you can use in your everyday work as well as planning for the future.

Organisational Strengths

Organisational Strengths

Do you know what your strengths are as an organisation?

Find out through this interactive, all-in, inclusive session that pulls together the strengths from multiple teams and looks at how customers view you from the outside.

Whether you're building your brand or building a legacy discovering and then knowing how to use your orgnaisational strengths can be a game changer!


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