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TLC For Team Leaders

Are you looking for a little tender loving care?
Take a load off and let us support you - tools, workshops, templates and community

Who Supports You As A Leader?

It's quite likely that as a leader you take care of and support people in your team, but who supports you?

Organisations often place a heavy burden on team leaders, expecting them to excel in enhancing culture, driving wellbeing initiatives, and staying at the forefront of the latest leadership approaches. These demands can sometimes be unreasonable, particularly if the necessary support and resources are not provided to set leaders up for success.

3 Crucial Areas Of Team Leading

Being a team leader can be quite a challenge, but our extensive research and firsthand experience have revealed that successful team leaders prioritise and master three crucial areas:

Business people meeting for budget definition


As a team leader, effective management is always a crucial aspect of your role. Whether it's supervising recruitment, managing annual leave, or navigating budgetary obstacles, there are specific strategies and resources that can assist you in establishing streamlined processes. 

business woman  with her staff,  people group in background at modern bright office indoors


Do you know what sets apart a coaching conversation from a competency conversation? Mastering essential leadership skills can be the ultimate game-changer, transforming a good team into an exceptional one.

Blonde woman shaking hands while having an interview in office


Achieving customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional services or products is always a primary objective. However, there is an added layer to it... influencing, fostering relationships, and shaping brand perception are all integral components of being a successful team leader who consistently delivers outstanding results.

TLC Your Way

You will no doubt have strengths in some of the above areas and maybe there's areas you'd like some additional support with.
Our TLC kits are all based around the 3 areas above and you can customise a kit by choosing which areas you'd like support in.  You can choose from our pre-built modules (below) or we can build something bespoke for your specific needs.

Get Your TLC underway

Get in touch with us to start building your TLC toolkit, find out more about what's inside each module (includes online learning, live coaching and templates and tools).