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Tell me about your Strengths

We're putting the spotlight on strengths for a few reasons...

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We want more people to have more impact at work.  One way of doing this is to work with strengths.  

Knowing our strengths is empowering, leads to flow at work (and at home), it provides us with clues about our future job options and lets us know what drains our energy.  This last point is particularly important - without knowing this, finding flow at work becomes more difficult.  Flow is the ultimate goal.  So what small steps can you take that will lead you closer to flow?
When we are at work, concentrating on a myriad of different tasks, some will be easier for us to complete than others.  Start by taking note of which tasks seem more enjoyable and easier to complete.  It's easier to spot patterns by taking notes.  Think about whether it's a skill issue or not.  If it's not, then why is it enjoyable? Make a note of that.   Is there a particular part of the task which really appeals, a part you get quite a lot of energy from?  Make a note of that too.   Over time you'll start to get a fuller picture of what your strengths might be.  If you are finding this difficult or don't want to do this yourself, then completing a strengths profile is the quickest and most reliable way of identifying your strengths.
As you are going through your work tasks and making note of what gives you energy, think about those tasks you find draining.  Can you change them in any way by doing them differently, delegating them or separating them out and completing them in one block?  Is it possible to change your mindset about these tasks and make them a little easier to cope with?
There are a lot of different ways to cope with tasks that don't fill your tank.  Leaving a job isn't always the best solution, particularly if you like the organisation and your team. 
Once you are aware of which tasks drain your tank, think about sharing this with your manager.  They might be willing and able to help you manage these tasks in another way you hadn't thought of.  Conversely be prepared to share the tasks that do give you energy and ask to spend more time working on them.  Is it possible to craft your job so that it becomes more aligned to your strengths?   By taking the small steps here, you are well on the path to crafting your role.   Job crafting is something we all do because we bring certain strengths to the role and are more likely to use those strengths to create high performance.  All jobs have a certain degree of flexibility in being able to craft them - while you still fulfill the main requirements of the role. If you are a HR professional, learning what job crafting is can help you have more powerful conversations with employees (and their managers) who are not enjoying their roles.  If you try it yourself first, you might be surprised at the outcome for both you and others in your organisation.
If this resonates for you, get in touch with us to find out more about having your own strengths profile.